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My dog was once small.
Keywords: puppy
Downloads: 34
We don't know her make-up, but it doesn't matter.
Keywords: Puppy
[movies]A Puppy Named Paul - Bev Sykes
Poor crying puppy.
Keywords: puppy
Downloads: 241
[movies]Caratacus - Martin Gerard Lang
New puppy out for a jaunt.
Keywords: puppy
Downloads: 84
[movies]Crying Pup WMV - Bev Sykes
This is the same movie in WMV...just a test.
Keywords: puppy
Downloads: 131
[movies]Pascual, December 2003 - Alex Lustre
Pascual when he was a puppy.
Keywords: Puppy
Downloads: 122
[movies]The Crying Puppy - Bev Sykes
We just received three 1 week old lab puppies to bottlefeed. This little guy would not stop crying for FIVE HOURS.
Keywords: puppy
Downloads: 356
[software]Puppy Linux Custom Puppy - unknown
Puppy Linux derivative names custom-puppy0.2 using kernel no further details know.
Keywords: Puppy Linux; custom-puppy
Downloads: 47
[audio]Brian's Podcast - Brian Russell
Puppy podcast
Keywords: puppy; training
Downloads: 17
[movies]Marty Mcfly - Andrew Law
Marty The Puppy
Keywords: Marty; Puppy
Downloads: 93
[audio]IUMA: Suck Puppy
Suck Puppy is a studio only act. Suck plays all the instruments on all of his songs. He'd love to do live shows, but can't play everything at once, and can't find musicians that meet his standard. Suck started recording cover songs just for kicks, and then decided to share these kicks with the world, via the internet. Suck is always in his studio (bedroom closet) laying down his next track.
Keywords: Suck Puppy
Downloads: 10
[image]linux puppy - jonathan
gif animado
Keywords: linux puppy
Downloads: 26
[texts]Puppy Luv
I did not get all their pictures done at once this week. Some are older some are younger, due to my broken camera. Reviews and ratings of Puppy Luv at 4110 Greenmount Rd Harrisonburg, VA, 22802. Get phone numbers, maps, directions and addresses for Puppy Luv. PUPPY LOVE Donny Osmond Paul Anka And they called it puppy love Oh, I guess they'll never know How a young heart really feels And why I love her so...
Keywords: Puppy Luv
Downloads: 13
[audio]skinnypuppyicebreaker - skinny puppy
skinny puppy song
Keywords: skinny puppy
Downloads: 138
[movies]Maggie May 6 wks - echo now
Brand new puppy playing
Keywords: Maggie; puppy
Downloads: 150
[audio]DJ Missing-The MISSING Show! Episode#47 - radiozzzombie
DJ Missing-The MISSING Show! Episode#47 (Special Skinny Puppy)
Keywords: skinny puppy
Downloads: 53
[audio]IUMA: Funk Puppy
The Funk Puppy is not for everyone. For example, those who do not like bad music will not like the Funk Puppy. Raised on the mean streets of Okemos, Michigan, the Funk Puppy did not like getting beat up by other kids. So he surrounded himself with the one thing that could not hurt him - Funk. Although he still gets beat up, the Funk Puppy can lay tracks like no other.
Keywords: Funk Puppy
Downloads: 17
[movies]Caratacus2 - Martin Gerard Lang
If you look closely, sometimes you can see his stremlined ears. They are like a skier's arms - parallel back on the head to lower wind resistance. Or like a scarf blowing back in the wind as you drive your Bugatti.
Keywords: Caratacus; puppy
Downloads: 127
[movies]T.U.F.F. Lion - Purr-fect Partners.wmv - moviemagic8011
Cast known so far: Ratigan (The Great Mouse Detective)-Verminious Snaptrap Patrick (Spongebob Squarepants)-Blue Rabbit Llama Kuzco (The Emperor's New Groove)-Blue Elephant Gloria (Madagascar)-Violet Hippo Lady Sawyer (Cats Don't Dance)-Kitty Katswell Alex (Madagascar)-Dudley Puppy Florrie (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa)-Peg Puppy Skipper (Madagascar)-The Chief Piglet (Winnie the Pooh)-Keswick Mices (Cinderella)-Rats
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 164
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Mall Rat - minicab70
At T.U.F.F. HQ, Kitty tells Dudley about Snaptrap being released from prison, but Dudley is distracted by searching meat on the Web. Kitty confronts him but denies looking for meat saying that he "Would not be insensitive to Agent Bossy". Snaptrap then appears and says that he has reformed and promises to give out free muffins to Petropolis. Everyone is excited about this, but Kitty's unconvinced. As the citizens of Petropolis cheer and attempt to eat their muffins, Kitty blasts them, thinking t...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,669
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Snap Dad - minicab70
To Dudley’s horror, Verminious Snaptrap and his mom, Peg, have fallen in love! Things couldn’t get anything worse, or so Dudley thinks, until Snaptrap is inspired by his new girlfriend to turn over a new leaf and becomes the newest member of T.U.F.F.!
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,172
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - The Wrong Stuff - minicab70
It's a special day at T.U.F.F. headquarters where they await the arrival of top former T.U.F.F. Agent Jack Rabbit. Jack makes it clear that he has more on his agenda than just visiting his former agency, and tries to convince his old partner, Kitty, to join his new agency, S.T.U.F.F. (Super Turbo Undercover Fighting Force). Jack proceeds to take Kitty out on a date to catch up and to try to convince Kitty to abandon T.U.F.F...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 2,172
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Operation: Happy Birthday - minicab70
The episode starts with various T.U.F.F. agents, among them Dudley, Keswick, and the Chief, breaking into Kitty's apartment to throw a surprise birthday party. But instead of cheer, they get blasted by a startled Kitty, who also injures the clown they hired. Later that day, Dudley is still determined to throw Kitty, the "GREATEST BIRTHDAY EVERRRRRRRR!", but Kitty tells him not to bother, as all of her birthdays have been a disaster since she was a kitten...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 2,096
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Internal Affairs - minicab70
In his office at T.U.F.F., the Chief is seen watching videos of himself when a shrunken Dudley comes in and tells the Chief that he has a "little problem". We learn that Dudley accidentally shrunk himself with a shrink ray so that he could have a giant cookie. In this moment, the Chief tells Dudley that he was the best agent of T.U.F.F., and Dudley is in his best moment, General Warthog calls the Chief and said that he was kidnapped by the Chameleon, the Chief tells Dudley that he and Kitty must...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,222
[movies]Petey - Bev Sykes
Our 10 month old foster puppy on the day of the first try to find him a new family.
Keywords: dog puppy
Downloads: 70
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Iron Mutt - minicab70
Keswick creates a super suit that makes Dudley the biggest hero in Petropolis! Dudley's fame goes to his head, though, so Verminious Snaptrap is trying to take Dudley's costume. It's up to Kitty to bring him to his senses and save Petropolis.
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 982
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Cruisin for a Bruisin - minicab70
The episode starts off at the Petropolis shipping docks, where Dudley, Kitty, the Chief, and Keswick are boarding for a cruise. When Dudley asks if they should be doing this, Kitty assures him that T.U.F.F. and D.O.O.M. have an agreement that they both take a vacation on the last week of August. Back at D.O.O.M. headquarters, however, Snaptrap reveals that he has no intention of fulfilling his part of the agreement, much to the disappointment of his henchmen, especially Larry, who says he booked...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,357
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Share-A-Lair - minicab70
The T.U.F.F. agents receive a message from Agent Rodentski that D.O.O.M. is planning to destroy T.U.F.F. with a missile strike. So they decide to make a counter strike, as well as D.O.O.M. receiving the same from Agent Weaselman and so on, until both sides destroy all of each others headquarters. Thanks to Bunny (a "you can easily tell" teenaged real estate agent, really the Chameleon), they must share their regular lair spaces...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,453
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - A Doomed Christmas - minicab70
It's Christmas Eve and the agents at T.U.F.F. are decorating T.U.F.F. headquarters. Just as the Chief was playing Santa (getting squashed in the process) Dudley talks to Kitty about what he wants for Christmas this year: a race car bed. Then the intel alarm goes off which turned out to be Snaptrap stealing an old lady's purse. Snaptrap, who has never even heard of Christmas or Santa, was put in jail with Bird Brain and the Chameleon ...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,904
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Dog Daze - minicab70
Verminious Snaptrap and his men are wreaking havoc on Petropolis in their new Snapbot. They also have new outfits because Snaptrap wanted to make a new look. Their first plot is to rob the gas station because of the low mileage the Snapbot gets. After hearing complaints from his men about the new names he gave them, Dudley and Kitty are on the chase of Snaptrap's robot, even though Dudley was chasing an ice cream truck...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,985
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Bark at the Future - minicab70
Keswick is working on an invention that will allow the T.U.F.F. agents to see the Chameleon no matter what he turns into. In an effort to get his hands on the invention, the Chameleon turns into Dudley and convinces him that he's future Dudley.
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,326
[collection]Snarky Puppy - Snarky Puppy

Keywords: Snarky Puppy
Downloads: 53,457
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Lie Like a Dog - minicab70
Dudley lies to get out of doing a number of boring and trivial activities at T.U.F.F. HQ, and spends each one doing something fun. However in each activity he takes part in he ends up stopping a villain in the place as well. These acts of heroism (Done while in disguise) make Dudley Petropolis' new mystery hero. However since he can not let anyone know he's been lying, he can't read the benefits of saving the town...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 938
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Watch Dog - minicab70
Dudley and Kitty are racing for the last chocolate donut in the T.U.F.F. Headquarters snack room. When Kitty gets to the elevator Dudley sends the elevator down to non-reserved visitor parking, making Dudley the winner. Just as Dudley is about to savor his victory, he gets distracted by Keswick's new invention, a time travel watch. Dudley wants to use the watch to travel back to second grade but Keswick stops him because of the risk of tampering the past that can drastically alter the present...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,557
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Top Dog - minicab70
While Dudley overzealously takes over for a sick Chief, the Fiendish League Of Potential Perpetrators, or F.L.O.P.P. for short, attempts to make their first crime debut!
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 2,192
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Toast of T.U.F.F. - minicab70
It's a normal day at T.U.F.F when the Chief says somthing urgent is going on. He asks Keswick to play the security camera footage, but keswick has it mddled up with a tape from a birthday party. Claming he holds science partys for children. The Chief says that he thought he was at T.U.F.F, but Keswick claims it was his hologram. The Chief says that the toaster is broken. Then everyone panics as if it was the end of the world...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,324
[movies]Tallulah running - danni stevens
Pupup being pupup.
Keywords: tallulah; puppy
Downloads: 40
[movies]T.U.F.F. Puppy - Purr-fect Partners - minicab70
The episode opens at the Petropolis Museum of Natural History, where a tour guide (Kitty in disguise) is teaching visitors at the museum about the museum's prized possession the Kruger Rat, which has the ability to control the minds of rats when exposed to the light of a full moon. Just as she finishes, Verminious Snaptrap bursts in through the skylight, and after a somewhat embarrassing introduction of himself (he gets confused with two other villains, and finds out that nobody in the museum kn...
Keywords: TUFF Puppy
Downloads: 1,434
[software]PuppyLinux_Insidious_Puppy - Iguleder
A couple of Insidious Puppy builds from Iguleder built using debian Sid packages details here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=62445
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Insidious Puppy; Iguleder
Downloads: 149
[software]Puppy_Linux_Puppy_Sid - unknown
A Puppy Linux build built using Debian Sid packages and uses kernel 2.6.32 author unknown
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Puppy Sid; Debian; Sid; unknown
Downloads: 41
[texts]Precise 571 Slacko 593 Tahr 60 Initrd.gz Plus Config Filess.tar - RSH, LazY Puppy
Puppy Linux initrd.gz Files
Keywords: Puppy Linux; RSH; LazY Puppy; initrd.gz
Downloads: 3
[software]Puppy_Linux_Reprap-puppy528 - unknown
A Puppy linux of unknown origin based on lupu-528
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Reprap-puppy528; Lupu; unknown
Downloads: 20
[software]Puppy_Linux_Reborn_Puppy - alexandrion
Reborn Puppy by alexandrion is a remaster of lupu-525 see here for more details: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=67244 comes in two flavours, with or without (no-www) chromoium
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Reborn Puppy; lupu; 525; alexandrion
Downloads: 19
[software]Puppy_Linux_sail-puppy - sailorbrand
A Puppy Linux derivative designed for use by sailors by sailorbrand more details here: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=69875
Keywords: Puppy Linux; sail-puppy; sailing; sailorbrand
Downloads: 19
[software]Puppy_Linux_mean-puppy-2.02-opera - John Murga
A Puppy Linux build from John Murga, as it's name suggests it's designed to be small and weighs in at about 50Mb more details here: http://www.murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=58997
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Mean Puppy; John Murga
Downloads: 42
[software]PuppyLinuxGamechannelpuppy - Kros54
A Puppy Linux remaster of 01micko's excellent slacko 5.3.3 by Kros54 game channel puppy uses open box and tint2, uses kernel 3.1.10-slacko.4g
Keywords: Puppy Linux; Game Channel Puppy; Kros54
Downloads: 12
[software]Puppy_Linux_puppy-ita - creppolo
An Italian language Puppy based on Barry Kauler's Precise 5.7.1 with the following added: gimp, skype, libreoffice and snes emulator for games more details here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?t=91128
Keywords: Puppy Linux; puppy-ita; Italian; precise; creppolo
Downloads: 75
[software]Puppy_Linux_QEMU-Puppy - Erik Veenstra
A USB portable Puppy Linux I have included a .pdf from the authors site http://www.erikveen.dds.nl/qemupuppy/
Keywords: Puppy Linux; QEMU Puppy; portable; Erik Veenstra
Downloads: 101
[software]Puppy_Linux_XP-like_puppy - skami
A collection of puppies designed with the look and feel of windows xp English and Hungarian versions available
Keywords: Puppy Linux; XP Like Puppy; Hungarian; skami
Downloads: 139
[software]Puppy_Linux_VSP - RSH
VSP (Very Special Puppy) are usual Puppies like Lucid, Slacko and others. But these Puppies are very special, because they include some useful tools from LazY Puppy - like the SFS P.L.U.S. and the VarioMenu, by RSH They are later versions of lazypuppy (archive.org/details/Puppy_Linux_LazYPuppy) more details here: http://murga-linux.com/puppy/viewtopic.php?p=679133 and here: http://lazy-puppy.weebly.com/
Keywords: Puppy Linux; VSP; Very Special Puppy; RSH
Downloads: 46
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